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  • Tel: +34 881 993 722
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The goodness of the treatment results, along with the affectivity that join us to our companion animals.

What is an adult stem cell?

A stem cell is an undifferentiated young cell, which when it grows is able to transform itself into a specific type of tissue. There are several types of stem cells, which are classified according to their ability to transform into different tissues. In Centauri, we only work with adult´s cells, a special type called Mesenchymal.
We only use a small biopsy, that your trustworthy veterinarian takes, to be able to cultivate the stem cells. In this way, we try to imitate nature by making the animal's stem cells also their own therapy, turning it into a completely natural treatment and without any side effects.
Our therapies are personalized, or rather animalized! According to the age of the patient, its general condition and the pathology to be treated, we performed a complete global study of the disease.

Why do we use stem cells?

As you know, most injuries that are treated in a conventional way (anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids, surgery ...) have long convalescence periods and can become chronic.
The unwanted side effects are translated into an economic cost for us and into physical and emotional cost for our pet. A shared pain. Long post-operative periods, invasive treatments ... are nothing more than an unnecessary suffering that today can be overcome with a solution based on scientific progress.

In what cases is it indicated?

Our cell therapies help the body to repair damaged tissues in order to restore the function of the affected organs. However, stem cells are not a miracle cure neither are for all kinds of diseases. We only treat pathologies where there is strong scientific evidence that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of stem cells, and where this evidence has also been corroborated by Centauri in its own clinical trials. To give you an idea, we treat hip dysplasias, ligament ruptures, osteoarthritis, and other immune-based diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and atopic dermatitis.

Can the price be a problem?

In no case. We speak to you clearly. Firstly, we have called it affective treatment because nothing has a higher price than seeing your dog suffer even for long cycles of time, and you with him, that usually are enjoying his company and his games every day.
Secondly, you know that alternative treatments dilate over time with medication, analysis and diagnostic tests that are nothing more than expenses that, in addition, lengthen therapies now surpassed by stem cells.
We can state, talking with a purely economic criterion - although it cannot be in this way - that the cost difference benefits the stem cells alternative.